Sunday, June 14, 2009


"Hooah!" is the Army cry like Hooyah is in the Navy, and then the all familiar one for the Marine Corps (ooh rah!). It is stated usually after a question is asked "question, question, question" Hooah? (Meaning do you understand) And the expected reply is "Hooah." (meaning I understand). "Hooah?" It sounds more like a grunt and can probably be used a term of endearment. Hooah? Or not.

I hope you had fun with that little lesson. Now you should all go practice it.

Last week was a busy week in the classroom. We were learning field medicine (dressing wounds, signs and symptoms, etc.). One fun thing was IV training. We got to stick our battle buddy. Our battle buddy is the person we have been assigned to for accountability purposes. My buddy's name is Tony. He is an old guy like me.

This upcoming week, beginning at 4am, Monday, we will be heading out to the field. Early mornings and late nights. The fun part of the week is that we will be doing more obstacle courses, rappelling, and more. The bad part of the week is that while we are out in the field most of the week, we still have several homework assignments due throughout the week. I guess this will be sleep appreciation week. Friday we will culminate our work into tests.

I am going to try to take my camera with me, so hopefully I will have some pictures next week.

I thank our gracious God in the name of Jesus for His sustaining grace.

Please, keep praying for my girls (Amanda, Hannah, and Cali). If you happen to read this...I Love You.



  1. In the Church "Hooah!" would be "Amen!"
    So Hooah and Amen, Brother!!!!
    Uncle Don

  2. Hi, Cousin! Mom just told me tonight about your blog. Great to read what all you're doing. Todd and I are making plans to attend your graduation on Aug. 28th. Do you know yet what time the ceremony will take place? Home email is

    Love you! Give the fam hugs for us. Todd and Pam

  3. hey,
    2nd week and all is fine? nothing broken? we are still painting and trying to get this stuff done but as you know NEVERENDING talked to amy today and the girls were still sleeping so i did not get to talk to them oh, whooooo is me
    all for now love mom