Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steve in Action

So what does Steve do now that he's in the Army? The girls and I got to see first hand this week when they had a "Family Day" out at their deployment site. It was very impressive.

Steve is a Battalion Chaplain and has 700 Soldiers (and their families) in his care. When he deploys, he sets up a chapel (a tent with cots as pews) for a central worship location, but also travels each day to the troops at all different work sites throughout the deployment area. It can be a location with just one Soldier or many, and he is there not just for spiritual guidance, but for encouragment of any kind.

He has his own jeep, which his assitant drives. He is not allowed to carry a weapon. At night, he generally "camps out" in the chapel or in a tent with other one-of-a-kind positioned people, such as executive officer, etc.

On this 18-day deployment that we got to witness, Steve's setting up a "no talent show" for fun and he and his assistant can be seen passing out granola bars and cookies everywhere they go. People smile when the Chaplain comes around. I know I did when I was in the Marine Corps. They always meant "fun and happiness," and isn't that what God wants us all to portray?

So, be proud of him friends and family. I know I am. God has him right where He wants him and Steve's allowing God to use him in the best of ways. Please pray that He always will.


  1. ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIER ...and family!!!
    Love and Prayers,
    Uncle Don and Aunt Ann

  2. Just wanted to let you know I have your blog linked with my blog...bless you guys! Call me when your back from vacation!