Friday, September 25, 2009

Home Again

We're very happy to report that we're in our new home together in El Paso, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Hannah loves her new school; Steve is very busy at work and enjoying his new responsibilities of caring for 700 Soldiers and their families; Cali and I are enjoying Mom's Day Out and getting the house in order. The Army doesn't expect our household goods to arrive until mid-October so in the meantime, we're camping out on an air mattress in our new home and spending much time enjoying the mountain views. The large picture shown here is at the end of our street. The pictures below are of our neighborhood. Yes, it's truly that beautiful!


  1. So glad to hear you're 'home'. It looks a bit different than Ohio... :o) Eager to see pictures of your new place. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love, Pam

  2. Home Sweet Home! There's no place like it! We are delighted for each of you.
    El Paso doesn't look like "on the banks of Big Walnut". However, the change is challenging and good. You are in our prayers as you continue your personal adjustments and great, new ministry.
    Uncle Don and Aunt Ann

  3. Steve and Amanda - what is your new address, please? Love you. Pam