Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Enjoying our Summer!

We had the privilege of having Deana (Steve's sister and my best friend!) visit with us this week. Deana has never flown, and never been out West, so we planned some fun and certianly had it!

First of all, she said she was so excited on her plane ride that she had a hard time not jumping up and down in her seat in excitement! I was so glad she had a great first flight!

We spent our first day together touring the base, and enjoying the vistas of El Paso. We also went to the El Paso Museum of Art and saw the DiVinci diplay. One picture below shows the hall of mirrors, one of DiVinci's many inventions.

After that, we took a trip. We spent two nights in Sedona, Arizona, said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world (and we believe it!). Not only did we enjoy the views and the shops, we had buffalo burgers and cactus fries for dinner! Yes, it was real cactus and it was good!

We also spent one day at the Grand Canyon. What can I say? That speaks for itself! And Deana and Hannah and Cali were seeing it for the first time, which made it all the more exciting.

On our way back to El Paso, we stopped off at the Saguaro National Park in Tuscon. If you ever get to Tuscon, be sure to go here; it's just so neat! The Saguaro is the cactus you think of when you think of a cactus! It's the one with the arms. And, if you can imagine this, the National Park has them as far as the eye can see! Here are some interesting facts: The Saguaro takes 10 years to grow one inch, it takes 30 years to reach one foot, and it doesn't bloom until it is 50 years old! Once it gets to be about 50, it begins to grow arms so that it can enjoy more space. The Saguaros you see that are taller than a person and full of arms are about 200 years old! And, perhaps the most interesting thing we learned is that they are able to stand tall like that because they have "ribs" inside. Those are like tree branches. A picture below shows what that looks like. Now, isn't God creative??!

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