Saturday, December 4, 2010

R and R

We got to have Daddy home for two weeks after 9 months away and we had a great time!

He was here Oct. 19-Nov. 4 and we made the most of every minute.

First, you'll see the shots at the airport. Believe it or not, I was able to keep the kids from knowing he was coming home and they were really suprised. One of my favorite photos is the one below where they see him coming in from the plane -- look at those faces! It's blurry, but the moment is sure there!

After a couple of days of just sitting together and enjoying each other, we went on a hike to Dripping Springs State Park in New Mexico. It was beautiful and we got to see true flora and fauna of the area -- in fact, we saw 3 trantulas walking across our path and none of us even jumped! We just enjoyed!

On to Anaheim, California and Disneyland for Cali's 4th Birthday! She got a bike before we left, but I think Disney trumped the bike! We all had a great time.

From there we went to San Diego and spent two nights a the Navy Base at Coronodo Beach. Talk about beautiful!

Halloween was spent at Sea World, and then on home. Before he left, we celebrated and early Thanksgiving and even put up the Christmas tree. It was just all wonderful!

Just a few more months and he'll be home for good -- yeah!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. We are delighted for you. We will join you in looking forward to the next "homecoming"!!!
    Love to all,
    Uncle Don and Aunt Ann

  2. wonderful pictures and looks like a good time
    was had by all love u guys mom and grandma

  3. Awww... glad y'all had a great family time together. Have a Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!!! Blessings sent to you from KY!

  4. It was good to catch up with you guys this way. Sure looks like you all had a good time!
    The girls have grown since we last saw them in
    Marianna. Have a blessed Christmas! Catherine n Peng Teck, Singapore

  5. Way to make me cry in the middle of the day!!! I think you should have posted a warning at the top! LOL!

    I loved this sooo! I especially loved seeing the girl's faces at the airport. I think I will have to steal that idea. :) What a beautiful family you have. Cherish these past memories and help them carry you through until he returns.

    Many hugs to you my friend, the "other" Amanda. HA!