Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our First "Formal"

Two days before graduation, we had the pleasure of attending our first, of what we've been told will be many, formal dinners. There was a receiving line where we were introduced, a beautiful procession of colors (flags), a fun skit by the graduates, singing by each platoon and lots and lots of food! We had a great time with our many new friends including Steve's Battle Buddy Tony and his beautiful wife, Marie, Ed and his wife Shawn, Charles and his wife Ada (pictured below) and a very sweet, sweet lady named Dextricia (also pictured below) whose husband will be the first Muslim chaplain in the National Guard.

When the girls first saw us, they both said I looked like a princess and that Daddy looked like a band leader!!! They proceeded to try on his "band" hat and act the part!

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