Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Blessed Amigos

Although this is a picture from our first "Formal" and could have been in the previous "First Formal" section, I wanted to dedicate a section to this picture alone because it represents such a blessing. During school, Steve had the privilege of meeting two other Chaplains who were on their way to Fort Bliss, just like us. During the last week of school, a Wive's Seminar brought us ladies together and, immediately, we all hit it off. We have been great buddies ever since. We laughed because two of these three Chaplain families (us and the Wrights) had a car break down on the way from South Carolina to Texas. Ours died completely, with no hope of revival. Theirs was on its last leg but is now being repaired half-way across country for them to pick up at some much later date. The third family, the Pridgens, had only a flat tire and yet they had the oldest cars! Ed Wright said it seems some evil force didn't want the Chaplains here but God prevailed! Since then, we all got to live at the Lodge together and we're slowly finding housing and all are looking for cars to replace our old ones! In the meantime, we're having great times each time we see each other and our kids get along fantastically! The kids stayed back at our rooms the other night (8 kids altogether) while the six of us went out to a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant and had a perfectly wonderful time! We're looking forward to years together, hoping we'll be stationed together many times throughout our careers. God is so good to give us such love and support!

In the picture above, meet Charles and Ada Pridgen (right), us (of course), and Ed and Shawn Wright. All but Shawn are former military. All have been pastors and pastor's wives and are now Chaplains and Chaplain's wives! All are truly blessed by God!

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  1. I am indeed blessed to have you here too! BTW, I too am former military...isn't that just too funny! Happy new year!